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We are still early, but data suggests that the influencers who promote their links to their network get the most success on the platform. Additionally, the influencers who have been very descriptive in their audience reach, and their average views, have the highest success. Ultimately, like an AirBnB listing, the more details and flair, the better the postings do! Make it clear why these artists benefit from partnering with you!

Creating campaigns are a key part of success on Breakr:
Campaign Name: Use a campaign name that includes “Your name, Platform & Activity’ Ex. “Michael Jackson Instagram Dance Video"

What date and time will your post go live: Consider the date that you will start promoting your campaign, give artists 7 days to submit to your campaign, from that date estimate the number of days that it will take to create the content and post it. That is the minimum date to choose.

Description: Be as detailed in your description as possible. Be sure to include who you are, what you do, what you'll be doing in your campaign, how many viewers will watch it, the number of followers you have, and most importantly mention that you’ll tag the artist in your post. Be sure to include phrases like “check out my instagram for my past work,” “submit to me!” “I’m looking for new music to feature in my content,” “I’m only doing one video!,`` ''I’ll break your music in my content."

Caption: Viewers love content that comes off as authentic and organic. One way to successfully engage your audience is through wording. When creating your captions, we suggest using language that is direct but warm and personable You want your viewers to feel like they are a part of your community, not just another view, like, or comment.

Top 5 Tips for Description and Caption Creation

Engaging Ledes: Your who, what, when, where, why and how to catch artists (for submissions) and viewers' (for engagement) attention

Clear Goals: What you wish to achieve from your collaboration

Next Steps: How viewers can find the artists (this is why we require you to tag the artist and use their desired hashtags)

Make it Personal: Show appreciation to your audience. Remember, without them you would not be as influential as you are

Confidence: Continue to be your awesome self and putting out dope content!

Updated on: 27/02/2021

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